Our services

Our core business is trading high technology products to the industrial market. We offer access to many of the Nordic countries most important industries within IT, telecom and process industry (pulp and paper, water treatment, chemistry) where we have a broad network with top management. Antesis’ strength is the capability of understanding the functionality of a product, the technological potential and how this can be transformed into customer needs and businesses. We have long experience of introducing new technology on the market.

Antesis' trading services

   Representative office on the Nordic market
   Additional market channel
   Creation of business alliances

We also offer business management services, focused on commercial issues. We can support owners and board members with business strategies, for example in their need to understand time to acceptance of an innovation and consequently time to revenues. We know what it takes to operate a company and what results that need to be created. Antesis can organise and operate the sales work and transact business for your company.

Antesis' business management services
   Business planning including all important elements, for example

      customer benefit and accessible market
   Advanced sales education
   Business and service development such as new applications

      and market segments

The combination of trading and business management make us a flexible business making partner. We use our skill and experience to deliver tangible results to you as a partner.

We deliver
   Customer contracts
   Commercial skills

Welcome to contact us at  info@antesis.se !